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Sunday August 29th, 1-8pm

We will start on a paper mache project, materials will be available for you, including items for the form mold as well as mache paste, mache clay, and paper. Bring you design ideas. For inspiration check out www.stolloween.com and www.spookyblue.com .

While they dry we will work with Prop 1 controllers. For those that don't know, a Prop 1 Controller is a way to program and control servos, pneumatic solenoids, low powered lamps, and small DC motors.
Here are a couple websites with info for you:
http://www.efx-tek.com/topics/prop-1.html http://www.horrorseek.com/home/halloween/wolfstone/Controllers/cbsbp1_PROP-1.html

We will have one more MnT in September and then in October we will get together and go to a haunt, such as Fear Fest at King's Island. Crunch time is here!

For info visit GoE Home Haunters of Southern Ohio.
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