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Saturday March 19th, 2011, 2pm to 8pm, first of the year gathering for the Home Haunters of Southern Ohio.

Buy, Sell, Trade! Have any props laying around that you don't want anymore, but don't have the heart to toss? Have something your good at making and have extra of? Have a broken prop you don't want to bother fixing? Extra parts laying around you don't know if you will ever use? Bring it to our Prop Swap and see if someone else can find a use for it. Don't have anything you want to part with, come and see if there is something you want to take home.

We will start with the prop swap in the garage and then go inside for a potluck meal followed up with a drink and think portion. We will supply the main dish, please bring along a side dish, snacks or desert to share with everyone and don't forget to bring along your favorite beverage (alchoholic or not). We will eat, drink and talk about anything and everything that comes up. Discuss how everyone's 2010 Halloween went, and plans for this year. What do you want to accomplish prop wise this year as a group? Come with your ideas and suggestions to share with the group.

Don't forget to RSVP, and please let us know if you will be bringing stuff for the swap and need table space so we can make sure we have enough room for everyone. To RSVP, PM me directly or go to the Event page.
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