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Spider prop/costume

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I actually consider this more of a prop than a costume b/c of the way I use it. What I do is find a "V" shaped path in the maze, put a haybail at the bottom of the V to sit on (at first I used a 5gal. bucket but found it to be too uncomfortable , think princess and the pea, plus it was too easy to knock over). I also wear real-tree overalls and shirt and at night you can't even see my legs. The spider is oriented at a kinda 45 degree angle when I wear it and it looks like it is hanging by it's legs from the corn. Since it's so big it just looks like a static prop. Patrons come by on a path and stop to look at it and thinking it's static will usually walk closer to check it out. At just the right moment(I call it the "sweet spot") I jump up and grab at the people w/ the front legs(the other ones bounce around on their own) and hiss. I can have grown men rolling in the dirt trying to get away. Too funny.

This prop too is in need of serious re-working. I def plan on doing it this summer and may even try to do a how-to if any are interested.

I'm not sure how to make the pics I have bigger but will try.
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That a neat prop...is it heavy?
Sounds fun
I'm sure a how to would be appreciated.
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