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Spideranne's Scarecrow Entry

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Ok, so I sort of waited until the last minute to enter. I originally had a different idea but I didn't like the way it was turning out so I abandoned it and figured I wouldn't enter. But then I saw Johnny933's "last minute" entry and I was inspired to go put something on the base I already had. So, it's nothing great, but it will fill up a spot in my yard.

Materials: (I'm really estimating here. Most of this stuff was laying around or given to me.)
Scrap wood: free
Old fence picket: 1.25
Branchs from tree and evil vine I'm trying to kill: free
Foam pumpkin head: 5.00-10.00
Landscape fabric: 5:00-10.00
Pumpkin light: 2.00
Screws, tape, twine: 1.00
Total: Approx: 14.25 - 24.25

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I think he's great SA! I like the mysteriousness of him with the fabric covering the head. Way to go!
I like it! Nice job, will be creepy for the big night!:devil:
I love just the hint of the head showing inside the veil. Nice!
What exactly IS inside the head? I'm dying to know!
[edited] ahhh I need to read more carefully..it's the foam pumpkin head..VERY creative!
That's is a different take - very cool.

Is that barbed wire going around it? If not - it should be just to add a freaky dimension.

Great job.
Spideranne for a last minute entry that thing is pretty creepy!
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