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Okay, I'm really looking forward to turning down the lights in late October, lighting a few candles, listening to one of my Midnight Syndicate CD's moaning softly in the background and cracking open a few Horror themed board games with some friends...yahoo!!!

Last year I posted a picture on my board game forum of a couple of my fcg's and my reaper playing a game of "Ghost Chase"

Here are a few games you guys might enjoy. On each page you can see a description of the game and if you scroll down, you can browse all the pictures of the game. Just in case anyone's interested. I'll just list a few of the fun and easy games, but there are a ton of horror themed games available these days. The board game industry has really taken off in the US this past decade. FINALLY. No more monopoly, yeee haaa!


Spooks (card game)

Ghost Chase

And some more in depth games:

Alchemist This one looks cool, but I don't own it yet. You're making different potions in cauldrons. It has great board art.

Oh heck, there are too many to list. Here's a link to the Horror themed games. I recommend the ones above for more family orientated groups.

Anyway, I just wanted to share in case anyone might be interested. They really put you in the mood. I'm currently awaiting my copy of Dracula. I just can't decide if I'm going to play Dracula or Dr. Van Helsing...decisions, decisions...
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