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Spooky Books for Kids. E.A.Poe translated?

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looking for recomendations for childrens books that are halloween related or spooky. Im really looking for some Edgar Allan Poe books that are translated for younger readers. Anybody know if those exsist?
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For one to understand what poe is telling, I think you need to be pretty smart for a second grader. Which I guess you were, but I don't think most children would be into it at that age. My opinion.
But no harm in trying I suppose. I tried to find those Erica Frost books but since they are so old they're not made anymore. I saw them on ebay, I might try that out.
Whats D and D? I should set up a donate to my new baby Halloween fund! haha
people can donate some little Halloween stuff for him. Awww!
Oh nice. Yeah toned down is good, or also just translated into something a little easier for children to follow and understand.
sounds creepy, ill check it out. thanks!
1 - 5 of 16 Posts
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