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Spooky Books for Kids. E.A.Poe translated?

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looking for recomendations for childrens books that are halloween related or spooky. Im really looking for some Edgar Allan Poe books that are translated for younger readers. Anybody know if those exsist?
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There's also the Old Black Witch books, and the Erica Frost books like "I Can Read About Ghosts" and "I Can Read About Witches". All of these com e up quite often on ebay.
I tried to find those Erica Frost books but since they are so old they're not made anymore. I saw them on ebay, I might try that out.
That's where I found mine. Not a bad price there either. Here's some auctions now:


See here also:
Erica Frost
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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