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Spooky echo effect for scare

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I was thinking of the old teddy bears which let kids talk to them and a chip recorded the sound and talked back. That made me think how creepy it would be to people walking through a haunt if they suddenly heard their own words repeated behind them. A quick search led me to this site:


It seems pretty inexpensive, but you need to hold down a button to record and push another to playback.

Any electronic geniuses who could create an ambiance prop that records and plays back ever 10-20 seconds or so? Hopefully one that does not involve elaborate reprogramming.

Maybe there is an off the shelf option I am not aware of. That would be welcome too.
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There are off the shelf products but they can be expensive. In the pro audio department, there are effects processors that will do it and sampler that can do it. For some of these you may have to be a genius to finds the right settings to do what you want.
I have had an idea to do a pair or so of wall panels made up to look like faces sewn together with microphones embedded in the ears and speakers embedded in the mouths. The whole system would be driven with an audio digital signal processor that has delays built into it. The idea would be that there is a mp3 track playing saying "whisper in my ear" when someone whispers in an ear (microphone) the audio is processed with delays so that different mouths would have different amounts of delay. I think the effect would be really cool. I am only short the amplifiers and speakers and the time to actually build it.

The DSP would be this unit:


A few years old and discontinued, but I got it for free.
This may be a project for 2012. I thought it would be simpler. My daughter will act as tour guide this year, so she can hit the record and play buttons herself.

Bradbaum, your idea sounds interesting!
Got to agree, Bradbaum. That would be a really nice effect if you can pull it off.
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