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Spooky echo effect for scare

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I was thinking of the old teddy bears which let kids talk to them and a chip recorded the sound and talked back. That made me think how creepy it would be to people walking through a haunt if they suddenly heard their own words repeated behind them. A quick search led me to this site:


It seems pretty inexpensive, but you need to hold down a button to record and push another to playback.

Any electronic geniuses who could create an ambiance prop that records and plays back ever 10-20 seconds or so? Hopefully one that does not involve elaborate reprogramming.

Maybe there is an off the shelf option I am not aware of. That would be welcome too.
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This may be a project for 2012. I thought it would be simpler. My daughter will act as tour guide this year, so she can hit the record and play buttons herself.

Bradbaum, your idea sounds interesting!
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