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Ghoul Hounds (Mama & Pup)

Ghoul hounds (Canis necrophagius) are dog-like creatures with leathery skin that prowl graveyards in search of a meal in the form of the recently dead. They are primarily scavengers, but will feed on zombies as well as the unlucky living that may cross their path late at night in a cemetery. Even though they are seen as loathsome creatures, the mother Ghoul hound is actually an attentive and caring parent to its young. These rare photos show a mother feeding its pup.

DSC00467 by https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/

DSC00468 by https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/

In progress photos:

DSC00275 by https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/

Almost stopped here and called them mummy dogs. lol

DSC00371 by https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/

DSC00379 by https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/

A slideshow of their creation:


Free Items from List:

• Soda bottles (torso and feet)
• Duct tape (to attach what needed attaching)
• Twine (for manes and also wrapped around torso to form ridges)
• Cotton balls (to form stop on heads, fill in low spots, form wrist of hand and meat on bone)
• Wire hangers (framework of legs, tail, and neck)
• Styrofoam packing material (mama hounds's head and plugs for her feet)
• Balloons (ears and tongues)

Free Items Not from List:

• Newspaper (from the weekly local rag)
• Scrap cardboard from empty cereal boxes

Not Free, but Cheap:

• 16 gauge rebar tie wire - $0.02 per foot, approx 6 feet = $0.12
• White flour - $1.59 for a two pound bag, all used = $1.59
• Ping pong balls - $0.25 each, used two = $0.50
• Play-Doh - $1.00 per can, used one = $1.00
• Gray and white primer - used partial cans, so approx. $3.00
• Hot glue - $0.06 per mini-stick, used four = $0.24
• Foam pipe insulation - approx 2 inches = $0.05
• Acrylic paint, diluted - small amounts, so say $1.00
• White glue, toilet paper, facial tissue, masking tape, aluminum foil, paper towel - used a little bit of each of these, so call it $0.75
• Small bone from "Bag o' Bones - $1.00

TOTAL: $9.25

Making the Ghoul Hounds:

The neck/spine/tail frameworks were made by attaching coat hangers with duct tape to plastic bottles, using larger bottles for the mama hound. A single coat hanger was used for each hound, but the pup's was simply straightened; mama's was cut and then straightened out so she would have a longer neck and tail.

Twine was wrapped several times around the torso bottles to form ridges and secured with duct tape, leaving the twine on the belly exposed. This excess twine on the underside of the body was then cut off.

Two hangers were used to form the front and back legs on each hound, secured with duct tape to the body. The feet were made from cut-off tops of plastic bottles. Holes were punched in each bottle cap and the end of the hanger wires passed through. The feet were stuffed with newspaper to keep the wire ends from moving around. Mama's feet were stuffed, then plugged with Styrofoam packing material to give them more weight.

Newspaper was used to start building up "muscle" on the legs, neck, and tail. Pieces were wrapped around the wire and secured with duct tape. The tail tips were made by cutting a diamond shape out of a piece of cereal box cardboard.

The pup's head was made by cutting out a face template (freehand) and securing it to a ball of newspaper attached to the neck. The lower jaw and upper lip were also cut from cardboard. Ping pong balls cut in half were used for the eyes. Mama's head was made from Styrofoam packing material, with a cardboard lower jaw. A very sharp fillet knife was used to shape her head.

The ears were made by bending sections of 16 gauge rebar tie wire into long loops and inserting them into uninflated black balloons. The ends were secured with duct tape. The tongues were made the same way, using a red balloon and shorter section of wire. Cutting off the neck of the balloon allowed the base of the tongue to stay broad.

Teeth were made of Play-Doh molded onto a section of rebar tie wire bent into a U-shape. Once dry, they were covered with a thin layer of toilet paper and flour-water paste. Mama's were given more impressive canines. The pup was also given a set of lower teeth cut from cardboard and painted white. Lower teeth were left off the mama hound to allow room for a "food item" to be inserted. The teeth were later hot glued into the mouth of each hound.

The claws and noses on both hounds were made from Play-Doh. The claws were attached using hot glue after the final layer of mache was done; noses were secured with a little white glue and left in place during the mache process.

The hounds were given three coats of papier mache, using newspaper and a flour/water paste. The final layer of newspaper was deliberately wrinkled as it was applied to give the skin a leathery look. Cotton balls were used where needed to build up any low spots and to shape the stop on the hounds' heads.

The hounds were given a coat of primer and painted using diluted acrylic paints. Black, white, and chocolate brown were used on the faces and bodies; red, black, and yellow on the eyes.

As a final touch, twine was used to create manes (crests of hair) along the top of the head and neckline. The pup's mane was made by cutting short lengths of twine and hot gluing them directly to the body. Mama's mane was made by tying short pieces of twine to a longer piece (like adding a fringe to a knit scarf - same method). The twine was frayed, then the entire length hot glued to the body. The manes were brushed with black acrylic paint.

Making the Hand and Arm Piece:

The hand was created from rebar tie wire bent into a hand shape, the framework then being filled in with newspaper and secured where needed with masking or duct tape. The wrist section was made from a short piece of pipe insulation covered with duct tape.

The entire piece was covered with papier mache. After the second coat of papier mache was dry, the hand was cut open to remove the framework. This was done to keep the weight of the hand down since it was eventually going to end up in mama's mouth. The hand was taped up and a couple more layers of papier mache added (final coat using facial tissue instead of newspaper). Cotton balls were stuffed into the open wrist to give the appearance of tattered "meat". A second small body part was made by wrapping cotton balls around a small bone taken from a Bag o' Bones. The piece was then covered with papier mache. Both pieces were primed, then painted with diluted acrylic paints (gray, black, beige, red, green) to give them a dead, few-days-in-the-grave look.

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Those are actually really cute. I think you did a great job on them. My daughter would really like them.

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good job
I like the two tone colors and the feet

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Thanks for the kind words, all. Gothic, no, it's not a real myth - they're REAL!!

Okay, just kidding, it's all made up. That's what comes of staying up late to work on a Haunt Forum challenge several nights in a row.

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beautiful work! very impressive!
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