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Star Wars DVD

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Just a reminder...


I've waited a long time for this.
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Yeah, and the cheapest price I've found is at CompUSA: $39.99! What a value. Now, just one more film and the series will be complete.
Guess what? At the end of Return of the Jedi, old Anakin's ghost has been replaced by Hayden Christiansen. Just picture it: old Obi-Wan, old Yoda....young Anakin.

George Lucas is going nuts, I swear.
Are you sure? Did he actually do it? That's a rumor I've seen around for quite a while, but haven't seen anything on the official site about it. I really hope this is NOT true.
Just answered my own question... god damn it Lucas! I appreciate the change in Empire to the actor playing the emperor, but instead of changing Anakin's ghost to Christiansen, why not REMOVE THE ****ING MATTE LINES FROM THE RANCOR SCENE... Or better yet, remove the black squiggly thing from around the emperor's hood in all the throne room scenes?

He has lost his frigging mind.
Or, How about removing the matte lines from around ALL scenes where starships are navigating the space and skyways?

You all should've known Lucas lost his marbles when there's a such thing as an idiotic creation like Jar Jar Binks around. If Lucas could put that crap off on us, it's no reason that he shouldn't pull the Jedi Mind Trick and place Hayden Christiansen at the end of Return of the Jedi. I've said it once and I'll say it again: George Lucas is a hack of the worst kind. We as fans kind of deserve it though if we keep buying into his atrocious films like Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace. The first three Star Wars films, Episodes IV-VI are his crowning achievement. He should've turned creative power to a more capable director for the other installments. I'm certain a director like say, Kevin Smith would've done it better than its creator. Now the originals are screwed too. Go figure.
Ok, just watched Episode IV... The picture quality is fan-frigging-tastic. The audio on the other hand, borders on ASS. At times, the audio is fine, but around the scene when Tarkin is taunting Leia with the threat of blowing up Alderaan, the sound goes right into the toilet. For certain lines of dialog, the sound will become incredibly crisp for about one or two lines, and then revert back to the "old" sound of the films. It is so noticable that it gets to be pretty frigging annoying.

Aside from that, the movie is pretty damned kick ass.
I noticed that too. I think the good dialogue is from studio dubbing, and the crappy is the dialogue recorded during filming. The difference is VERY distracting.
Okay, they changed out Jeremy Bulloch's voice in favor of Jango Fett's. I understand he's just a clone, but couldn't he have kept his old voice? It was much cooler. And the Anakin ghost at the end is sooooo......effing......gaaay.

Alright, I've got the DVD's, but have not yet watched them. Now, reading all of your remarks on it, I am sitting here getting pretty frigging pissed.

These films are classics. Lucas should look up the word Classic. Life is not perfect, and any of us who have any artistic blood at all always find something in our work that we feel needs fixing. But these movies are part of cinematic history, and to go back and change them WITHOUT even giving us the CHANCE to choose which copy we'd prefer to buy off of store shelves is totally retarded. As fans, we've waited too damn long for these to come to DVD, and Lucas can't sit on his hands long enough to keep from altering and changing things.

The only bright side of things is I don't feel so bad now that I own some of the old VHS versions, because I don't know if we'll ever see the originals on DVD in their original format.

Thanks, Lucas, for making up our minds for us and gradually ruining some true classic movies.

*hack hack* ahem, excuse me.
I like George Lucas. He makes good movies.
Pete said:
I like George Lucas. He makes good movies.
Now you're just saying that to be an ass. :p

He made good movies, and then got a little too crazy with the "improvements" to said good movies.
So what you all are saying is buy the DVD's or not? I have the re-released Video set from 1997(?), but don't have any of them on DVD so far. I just now jumped into the 21st century and got my first DVD Player. Until now all I had to play DVD's was my PS2. Now I have a DVD/VCR COmbo, and it is great.
By all means, buy the DVD's. Regardless of the nitpicking we do, it's worth it.:D
Yeah, that's just the pissed-off fan boy in us breaking loose. Those elements we're bitching about don't really ruin the whole experience, we just like to blow it out of proportion. Some of the changes are fine, some are hardly noticable, and only that one moment at the end of Jedi is completely lame.

It is still Star Wars.

If you do have your doubts, you could aways rent them first.
Thanks for that info!
Is anyone elses episode IV disk messed up. Mine skips right at the point where the Death Star destroys Alderaan. My friends DVD does the same thing. So it must be a factory defect.
By skip, do you mean it pauses for a brief moment? They all will do that; that's the point in the film where the laser has to re-focus itself to the second layer of information, and there's always a slight pause for that.
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