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Horror right now is dead.
Hell, even I haven't gone to the theater to see a horror film in years. It may have been Jason X, to give you an idea.
Every thing that comes out is a remake of a 70's film, a remake of a japanese film, or is rated pg-13.

I saw all those 70's films already. Don't need to see them again.

I don't care about the japanese movies. Sorry, but all I want to watch from japan is Force Five or Star Blazers. Maybe Robotech.

I pretty much refuse to see a pg-13 "horror" film, because, in my mind "horror"
has to be rated "R".

Rob Zombie has tried to make movie that look and feel like 70's films, and that's fine. Plus they're rated "R". That's nice. But I'm just not that into it.
I went through the Fangoria list of upcoming horror films over the weekend.
I was interested in a total of ONE film. Kane Hodder's new one, HATCHET.
That's it. Ouch. Maybe it's just me. :voorhees:
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