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Stirring Cauldron Witch almost finished...

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I'm almost finished with her! Just have a few details to take care. Let me know what you think!

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I think it is horrible and you shouldn't put something that bad in your display. I will take it off your hands so you won't be embarrassed by the comments your neighbors will make. I know, I am just that kind of person. Always willing to help out wherever I am needed. Let me know where to pick it up and I'll be there as fast as I can. No need to have to look at it any longer than you already have.

BTW....I am just kidding......it is AWSOME!!!!!!
haha... very funny! :)
nice job! I'm diggin the fire & green lights in the pot, what are you using for the cauldron?
It's one of those cheap big drink cooler buckets that you fill with ice and drinks. I got mine at Menards for about $6.80. They had them in blue and red. I bought a blue one and spray painted it flat black. Then I added several light layers of metallic paint and a light dusting of "stone" paint to get that cast iron look. I have some other embellishments I still need to make.
I've pretty much just been making it up as I go. I had seen ScareFX's how-to last year and was determined to build my own witch this year. I didn't consult ScareFX's how-to again until I had my first frame already built. After seeing how ScareFX's witch leaned forward, I decided I wanted to have a simliar "lean", so I reconstructed the entire upper frame. I like to call this the "iterative" approach. ;) I have some small pictures of the frame up on http://www.hauntsoft.com. I will do a more complete how-to with better pictures later on, but probably not until after Halloween.

Edit: Opps... forgot to answer your question about whether or not I'm chilling the fog. I'm not. I'd rather have the fog rise up similiar to steam and smoke. I'd be worried about the fog never coming out of the cauldron if it were chilled. Not sure if others have tried it, so I could be wrong.
I just added a bunch of build pictures to my web site. Check 'em out if you so desire!
1 - 5 of 15 Posts
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