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Buster Gravesley is my 2010 entry in the Hauntforum $20 Prop Challenge. Buster is a Zombie/Coffin Groundbreaker standing approximately 4 feet tall and mounted on a plywood base that can be angled in different directions when displayed. This prop was made from numerous recycled materials including; newspaper, cardboard, plastic bags, aluminum cans and plastic milk jugs. The project was started March 4th, 2010 and completed on April 2nd, 2010. The total cost for this prop was $19.03.

Link to tutorial:


Plastic Milk Jugs
Cardboard (Corrugated and Cereal Boxes)
Plastic Grocery Bags
Aluminum Cans
Plastic Kitty Litter Container


Scrap Plywood 22"x33" or 5.04 sq. ft x .20 $1.01
Scrap 2x4's 5 feet x .08 per foot .40
10 Large 4" glue sticks @ .10 (Walmart) $1.00
24 Large 12" glue sticks @ 12/$2.00 (Dollar Store) $4.00
17lbs flour (2) 5lb @.99 (Glenn's) and (2) 5lb @1.28 (Walmart) $4.03
Color Plain Paper Print (eyeball) .08
12"x12" piece aluminum foil 20ft @ 1.19 (Walgreens) .06
½ roll clear packing tape 6 @5.99 (Staples) .50
¼ roll masking tape 1 @.50 (Dollar Store) .13
1 recycled/used L-Bracket new price 1.18 (Lowes) x .3 .35
5 lbs Drywall Compound 63lbs @ 10.65 (Lowes) .85
1/10th bag Cellulose Fiber Insulation 1 bag @6.48 (Lowes) .65
12-2 ½ in recycled/reused Drywall Screws [email protected] x .3 .20
½ oz Pledge Future Shine [email protected] (Walmart) .10
4.5 feet Crepe Paper 81ft @ .57 (Dollar Store) .03
6 ft 14 gauge utility wire 110 ft @ 6.97 (Lowes) .38
6ft Drywall Patch Tape 300ft @ 4.98 (Lowes) .09
¼ Gallon Black Latex Paint 1 gal @ 10.41 after $5 rebate (Lowes) 2.60
½ Cup Gray Latex Paint (Free but calculated @10.41/gallon) .36
½ Cup Brown Latex Paint (Free but calculated @10.41/gallon) .36
1oz Yellow Acrylic Paint [email protected] (Dollar Store) .25
1oz Red Acrylic Paint [email protected] (Dollar Store) .25
1oz Brown Acrylic Paint [email protected] (Dollar Store) .25
6oz Golden Pecan Stain 32oz @ 5.87 (Lowes) 1.10

TOTAL $19.03

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I'm still waiting for you to build a house out of paper mache! Wow Stolloween this is amazing work! The detail in the nails, shackles, hands, arms and coffin is unbelievable. I knew before you posted this piece of work that it would be amazing, but I don't know of any other work that you do that isn't outstanding. Great Job!!!!

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Amazing detail, Scott. That guy wants outta there BAD! Yeah, a graveyard sprinkled with several of these guys would definitely give the ToT'ers a reason to run! Beautiful work.

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This is just a stunning piece of work, Stoll, beautifully crafted and detailed. And he's not just a groundbreaker; he's a really ANGRY groundbreaker:D

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Great job!

Another piece to go onto my Board O' Inspiration in the garage.

How much did this guy end up weighing?
My guess is around 30lbs...once everything was mounted on the plywood base I moved it around with a handcart.

Thanks everyone for the nice comments...Mr. Buster Gravesley was a very fun build...whet my appetite to make more.
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