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Hi folks,

I'm new to posting on here, but figurd I'd put a few photos of my Halloween decor for this year. Unfortunatly this year I was not in a house (like the past two years) and I didn't have any trick-or-treaters to spook this year, but it didn't stop me from going all out ;-) ... plus I did have part and got to scare a few friends there.

This years main theme was spiders. Let me know what you think... photos are here at Flickr:

What you can't see... during my party I had alittle program running on my computer controlling my X-10 modules around the studio. I had three scare sequences that randomly went off thru out the night:

  • ALL the lights and music go off.
    1. Whispers
      • Eerie whispers coming from the surround sound speakers.
      • "Dramatic Effect" sound clip
      • Strobe light on and couch vibrates!
    2. Growl
      • Growl sound clip... gets louder
      • Glowing light in my closet... gets brigher w/ growls
    3. The Ring videos plays on the TV.
  • All the lights and music come back on.

It was lots of fun, although after a while the vibrating couch became more of thrill than a scare ;-) Lights would go of, everyone'd pile on the couch... thats when I got the Ring video playing... got'em again (hehe).
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