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So here’s my dilemma. I have an old inflatable that’s probably about 4.5 feet tall maybe? It’s not inflating enough to even fully stand up well. The fabric looks to be in good shape, it is still bright and colorful even. It’s a smaller version of an 8 foot one that got me into haunting, RIP “Fascinating Frank”. This one doesn’t even have lights in it, that’s how old it is. I tried using a heavy duty fan to blow through the fan to see if it’s the seams leaking but that didn’t work.

So here’s the question, has anyone tried stuffing one? I considered pulling the fan, putting a PVC armature in to stand it up and then filling with styrofoam peanuts or bubble wrap or polyester fill. Would this just be one big ole fiasco? This one doesn’t appear to have the fan secured with a zip tie, it’s like the fan is screwed to it or something. Obviously that would kill the whole “store in a little box” advantage but it’s almost useless now. Was just toying with the idea and wondered what y’all’s thoughts were on it. Not interested in great stuff, that would deform and never dry without proper air exposure and be a huge mess. There is a little sentimental value here even though it’s a small version of the original that is dead and gone or I would throw him away. Thanks!

Here is a pic of Little Frank.
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What about pool noodles? You can cut them to fit, bend them and they are easy to adhere together with judicious use of a heat gun.
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