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Stuffing Body Bags

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I want to stuff some body bags that will hang in a local haunt. I can get the shape of a body without too much problem (I think). I want these to have some weight so when patrons walk thru they will have the 'feel' that there are really bodies in the bags. I know Ironman had some in his haunt at Tell City, anyone know how to give weight to the forms? Ideas?
Are ya here big guy? Thanx
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I'd use gallon jugs filled with water - hang them by the handles from whatever is supporting the body bags, (individually with longer ropes for jugs further down, not in series) and then build the shape around them.
I don't know it this will help but we have had some punching bags we filled with water. It was cheap to fill, gave it however much weight we wanted, and when we were not using them, easy to get rid of the bulk and fold up for storage. I'm not sure what you would use to hold the water. Maybe punching ball ballons or something larger.
The body bag that was given to me was really big. Last year I used a bunch of pool noodles to get my shape. I then attached a drill to a small piece of noodle. So when kids would walk by the bloody body bag it would move.
I think if you use water jugs it would be way to heavy to hang. What about a great big batch of homemade playdough? It gives form but also is light, and alsohas that squishy feel to it.
Thanx for the ideas everyone. Hey Nicole, How do you make homemade playdough?
I think if you use the foam padding with the water jugs you'll get hte effect you're looking for.

You need a little weigh in those bags.
The one year we had a CSI scene we used real people in the body bags, make up on their hands and such, worked well :D
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