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Is anyone here Superstitions? If you are then are you very or not that much Superstitions? What are something's you do in your day to day procedures? As for myself personally I am not Superstitions maybe more when I was a child like breaking a mirror you get seven years bad luck, and I would never walk under ladders, and Friday the 13th was a bad luck day.

As for today I don't believe in any of them because nothing seem to happen. When my grandparents were my age I wouldn't doubt it that they were more superstitious in their days. Today sometimes my grandmother tosses salt behind her back an old superstition she carried for years, believing that if you throw a little spilled salt behind you in order to hit the devil in the eye to temporarily prevent further mischief.

I am carious who carries any of these Superstitions today through their daily living? Probably not much with today's generation as in our grandparents days.
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