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Table top Decor

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Here is a fountain that i got from a friend i just added the red food color to water and glued a couple hands to the bottom,
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very nice, gives me an idea..."mom can i borrow your fountain!"
Lilly, that's a great idea! so simple, yet soo cool. Thanks for sharing!
Great idea! I always think why didn't I think of that!
And I like the cost!
couple more different table top pics

I will be using this again for my dracula specialty shot for 08, used this in 06 for my witches magical shots, candle center piece and brass tealight holders also

this is just a reg candle holder with added raffia and skulls
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Two questions:

What are you doing for '07?
What is your "specialty shot"?
We are having our Harleyween Party this yr.
I will do some decorating but not as much as a reg party ,and we wear costumes. One yr is costume party and then the yr after is Harleyween.

Specialty shot
Cruzan vanilla rum
real cranberry juice

I may do a black one but havent decided what kind yet.
Lilly you always have simple, yet great ideas...eveything looks great!!!
thanks ..sometimes those turn out quite nice
Well here is my mini groundbreaker for the food table graveyard this yr..
had some left over wire from flowers i used in a xmas thing so i stuck a skull on it glued some mini hands i have on it and added some used fabric softener sheets and then cheesecloth. very simple easy and fast...
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I love that you are so willing to share your creative ideas. :D
It's great that you have things just laying around and you figure out all these things to do with them. I can't figure things out until I see people do them here. That's why I'm on this forum, to copy, er borrow ideas.
Great ideas Lilly.....as always!
I too will admit that I am more of a copy-catter!
here's a couple more I made.. this one I gave to someone for his kid that likes halloween stuff

I like this one best though

these are so easy go ahead and copy them I mean borrow them haha
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1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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