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Taking some time off....

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Got stuff to do...... in AFRICA!!!!!!!!!! Leave on Wednesday. I don't get excited about much anymore, but this has got me. Okay, I'll say it, I'm excited. There, that's out of the way.

I will be working at the International Cheetah Foundation ( the largest cheetah research facility in the world). In other words, I'll be working with cheetahs in the wild. Did I mention, "OH MY GOD!!!".

I'll be back in two weeks. I'll have pics to share. That is, if I don't get killed by a cheetah while I'm there. If I do get killed, I'll leave my bones to you guys to use in your haunts however you see fit.

Wish me luck.
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Luck my friend! Just remember not to pet the kitty cats! :D
O wow Slimy!!! Take lots of pics!!! :D have fun and good luck!!
Cool Slimy have fun be safe.
Best of luck Slimy! Have a great trip and be safe!
Best Wishes my friend...take care and have LOTS of fun.
Sweet! And don't listen to Sickie, big kitties just purr louder! lol
I heard that if you can out run cheetahs in the first quarter mile you got it made. Sounds like a great adventure, have a good time.
Hey Slimy! Good luck on your trip. It sounds exciting. will you be travelling by yourself or will you be going with a group of other researchers to Africa?
Best of luck on your trip. Have a great time, take pics for those of us that will never get to experience something as great as that and stay safe.
There are 17 of us going all together. Mainly zoo keepers, also a state wildlife ranger and 3 different vets. And my wife. Yeah, she's going too. I'm afraid she might just give me the push out of the jeep when the lions are feeding. She's like that, you know.

I was serious about the bones thing.
Good Luck-Stay Safe on your trip Slimy..should be great adventure for you..
Step softly and carry a big stick!

Congrats, sounds like a great adventure. Have a fun and safe trip. Don't forget the camera.
Congrats and good luck Slimy!! Man, what an awesome trip to be able to take...

And SkullBoy... leave it to you to post video like that....LOL That was both funny and scary at the same time!
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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