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Talking GROUND BrEaKeR

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Here is my ground breaker...he has the "cow" talking bucky kit...working on the soundtrack right now. I'm going to have him talk constantly with pauses inbetween phrases, and a motion sensor to trigger the lighting on him.


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I like the voice on the first video the best, very scary.
are you using a bucky lid on the head?

BTW nice prop, cant wait to see it finished
No, not a bucky lid...it is panty hose and latex carpet cement...same I use to corpse my cheapy bluckies...works pretty good, just give it plenty of time to dry or it's very sticky.

Thanks all...

very cool! I like the test video also with "its only a dream... its only a dream..."
Good job.
I like that you corsped the head, not just a plain skull.
Very nice job!
In the first vid when he says "You shouldn't have barried me... I'm not dead" it sent chills down my back!
Hahaha, years of working at a haunted house and I get chills from that!
Proves that you did an AWESOME job!
Keep up the great work!
pretty cool..... like it
It made me flee from my computer for a whole 20 minutes!
any how-to's on the motion sensor part of it?
im in desperate need of one.
Very creepy......the voice makes this!
Great job!
that's cool first video definatly a lot clearer! I wonder if he's still on this site?
Looks good man, be sure to take some vid on 10/31
1 - 20 of 32 Posts
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