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TearyThunder's Scarecrow Entry

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Here's my entry:

Price list:
Two 10ft 1 1/4in pvc- $6.76
1 1/4in coupling- $.50
Two 1 1/4in 45 degree elbows- $2.08
1 1 /4in cross fitting- $2.53
1 1/4in adapter- $.85
1 1/4in flange- $3.98
1 1/2 cans spray foam(aka Great Stuff) $8.00
8 yards of $1.00 fabric from Walmart- $8.00
Screws- $1.00
Paint- $5.00
Pumpkin for the head- Free from a friend

Total- $38.70

More pics here:
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Very nice! I like it :jol:
Came out nice. It probably looks neat when the wind is blowing and the fabric is moving.
Looks great! 8 yards of material, wow thats alot of material. I agree it must look spooky when the wind catches it.
very good job
Looks great Kris, especially the glow that accentuates it's scariness at night. Good work!
Nice job TT!
YaY! I'm so glad you entered it sweety. You worked really hard on it, you really needed to show it off :D
Thank you guys and gals!!! You all have been an inspiration!
Fabulous ,marvelous.......Now we have a competition1!!
as i said before look's awsome love the head it sends a chill down my spine hehe nice one kristy
I just love the head. I know what it looked like before you added the great stuff. It's awesome TT!
Nice work!! Love the material. I bet it looks great with a bit of wind blowing on it.
1 - 20 of 27 Posts
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