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The Black Woods - Full Walkthrough (Day) - Lotssssss Of Pictures!

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Okay so yesterday I filmed and took pictures of a full walkthrough of our exhibit during the day.
It looks AMAZING at night, but I have no pictures or video yet.
Also after I took these pictures we kept working so now on the black sheeting there are words and arrows and designs and all that junk.
Here's a basic overview of our exhibit.

This is the entrance. At the top we made words out of duct tape saying "THE BLACK WOODS" and then spray painted white over it. Then we pulled off the duct tape and the letters are in black with white spray paint around them. It looks very cool. We also drew arrows poiting into the opening.

The entrance is lit by a yellow light on the left and a green light on the right, aiming up onto the words.
This is the coffin that it to the left in that picture, behind Kevin (he is rewritedrums on this site). Inside we will have a cardboard (or whatever) sign that has the rules on it and that there are fog machines and strobe lights and blah blah blah.

It is lit by a black light (in that metal fixture - also the yellow light for the words is hooked onto the top right of the coffin). The black light provided enough light for the rules to be read by people walking by.
A little blurry, but here's my friend Rowe digging across the path about a half foot down so we can run wires to the lights on the opposite side of the path from our electricity source.

Once covered, you can't even tell that it was dug up before. ALso to the left is a speaker (there's one on each side) that will be playing music.
On the left, someone will be hiding and jump out. We might give them an air horn too, just to make people jump. Then on the right is covering the Scarecrow Crosses so they can't be seen until basically the last second. It also lets the actors know that someone is coming towards them.

As soon as you walk under the black sheeting, you see our Scarecrow Crosses. There will be an actor on each one. They will switch on the fog machines, and when the people walk close enough one (or both) will jump down through the fog to scare them. It looks great in the dark.

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I really like the execution of your ideas. Simple and very effective!
Erick - you rock buddy - keep up the food work...

I've got a hankerin for more strobelight!
you'll want to monitor the fog machine juice carefully when it is tilted back as you have shown... it's probably easier for them to run low at that angle unless you've adjusted the pickup accordingly.
Yeah we just had the fog machines up for the beginning because the wind was so bad.
They were working fine.
All the rest of the nights they've been down.
21 - 24 of 24 Posts
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