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The Black Woods - Official Updates!

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Creating The Black Woods - Official 2007 Updates Thread!

This is the official updates thread for our exhibit, The Black Woods.
It's a part of the Spooky Walk at Camp Pa-Qua-Tuck in Center Moriches on Long Island in New York!
Haha that's quite a sentence. ;]
We'll be putting up plenty of pictures and videos for your viewing pleasure!

My friend Kevin Spellman and I (Eric Striffler) are the creators. We build an exhibit two years ago and it was crappy as hell, but it had one good scare which we're using again this year. We built a much better exhibit last year and it came out somewhat how we pictured it, but not good enough. We started too late and didn't have enough time. We started a few weeks earlier this year so it should come out AMAZING compared to last year. :D

Anyway to start things off, here's a link to the website for The Black Woods.

Here is a picture of the sign we built for the entrance! It's lit from inside with heavy-duty rope-lights and the inside walls of it are painted red.
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And here are the pictures from today, which was the very first day of building AT the camp! :D
This is the frame for the entrance to the exhibit. You'll see how it's going to look once we work on it more. The doorway won't be that big. (My dad was there to help and he was trying to figure something out, don't mind him haha)

This is a coffin we brought over, which will be at the entrance and lit with a green or red light from inside.

This is our electric chair, it's laying on it's back. It almost looks like a recliner in the front thought, and that part will be coming off. It stand at I'd say about 6 feet-ish.

I'm going to go edit the video footage from today in a few minutes and I'll hopefully post it a little later, so check back if you'd like!
It's entertaining! :D
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Scratch that, I'll try to have that video up tomorrow!
I'm going to bed now because I have to get up early to go to the Jets game! :D
Hey Erick,

I met Wayne Chrebet at Superbowl 34... had drinks at a table next to him, Wayne Gretzky and Tom Arnold. Earlier that day met Joe Namath. Great memories.


Yeah - Tom was actually a pretty cool dude. He's sort of always "on".

Anyway - they all autographed the jersey I was wearing and Tom signed the front - then drew a nipple where there should be one. We all laughed. It was a pretty cool time. Met lots of NFL alumni (we snuck into their hotel for two night proceeding the game). And had a chance to chat with Mike Alstott (who the Rams beat the previous week) - he was amazingly gracious and a character dude - and signed my Rams jersey no less.

So - believe it or not Tom Arnold has at least one big fan.

Last football post - promise - don't mean to highjack the thread. Probably should have been a PM
Rock on Erick with no K.
Looking forward to more pics of your progress. Sound like a lot of work but at least it is fun work. I hope it is as successful as you hope for.
Well it definitely will be alot better than last year.
We already did more work in one day than we did in a week and a half last year!
Last year we had to carry things from the warehouse at the camp over to the trail and it took FOREVER.
Now we have special priveledges (because Kevin worked at the camp over the summer) and we can use golf carts and pick-up trucks to bring things over.
It's VERY convenient. :D

Anyways about that video.
I'm gonna go work on it now and it should be up TOMORROW.
I'm sorry but there was a hell of a lot of traffic on the way home so I got home later than I expected haha.
The video will DEFINITELY be up tomorrow.
I have a feeling you guys will like it because I'm going to film each weekend and do episodes, so this video will be episode 1, next week is episode 2, and so on.

I'm out for now though, check back here tomorrow! :D
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Finally without further ado, I give you Episode 1 of "Creating The Black Woods"!
Click the picture!

Let me know what you guys think of it! :D
Actually Episode 2 should be up sooner than I thought.
It'll probably be us working on a dummy or something,
or going over plans. I don't know.
Regardless there will be one or two more episodes this weekend probably.
Excellent Eric! Im looking forward to episode 2
You did a really nice job with that Erik and Kevin! You made me feel like I was there! I'll be looking forward to the next installment.
Sweet, I'm glad you liked it!
I've never seen anyone do a really good behind-the-scenes video,
so I decided to start doing it.
I love making movies, and I love making our haunt.
It makes sense! :D
By the way, Kevin keeps saying he'll make an account but keeps FORGETTING.
I want him to make a damn account so that he can say stuff about the haunt when I'm not around or whatever.

He HAD an account, but he got rid of it I believe.
He should have one soon. :p
Alright we're going over to the camp today to finish one thing,
then we're going back tomorrow to work all day.
There should be a new episode of Creating The Black Woods on Monday hopefully,
with more pictures too, of course! ;D
Unfortunately I'm an idiot and I totally forgot my camera to take pics of what's up now (which is alot more stuff so I wish I had pics haha).
But I did film it and I'm working on episode 2 now, so check back later today to watch it. :D
Okay everyone, here's Episode 2 of "Creating The Black Woods"!

Click this picture to go watch it on YouTube!

Don't forget to comment it and rate it on YouTube, as well as come back and discuss it here in this thread! :D
It'll be intersting to see it all set up.. Keep us posted!
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