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The BodyBags get wet!

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Well I finally got BodyBags and BodyBagged coming out to try some SCUBA this evening.
I'll try and take a couple of pics while we're at the pool tonight.

Who ever said that Haunters only do it in the dark?? lol
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I can't wait to see this. Are you arranging an underwater haunt?
One can imagine Rob and Atalie in full zombie gear also decked out in scuba gear. Yes...please get some pix, FE. :D
Here we go, sorry, no guts or gore!
BodyBags Pool Time pictures by FrightenersEntertainment - Photobucket
If you click on the picture you'll get to see a few other photos.
Nice pics of the water waterlogged bags :D
NICE!!! That was way to frigging fast Frightener and BTW I wanted to wear my zombie gear !
BTW did I mention paybacks
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i can see it now
next time im over baggings house his swiming in the fish tank
Rider I wont be swimmingin my tank those little fishies BITE!
Yeapers, that was a nice little burn I got there.
Rider I wont be swimmingin my tank those little fishies BITE!
But you'll probably be butt naked in the tub with your snorkel!?
I'd love to see that one! :D
Oh and I'm not 'trouble', I'm just me, FE. lol.
Oh and I'm not 'trouble', I'm just me, FE. lol.
Really....I don't think I said that until after you said "oh, the water is cold" then pinched BB's nipple. LOL Can I say nipple here or is nipple to...opps said it again.

And BTW, I must add, you guys did a great job!

I was really wanting a flipper flailing event for some really cool blackmail photos.....
lol...........nice burn FE!

welcome to the world of scuba you two!!!

its a blast
Nice pics! Looks like you guys had a good time. If you ever get into the Pennsylvania area in October, try going to Dutch Springs. It's an quarry that they flooded for diving and they have buses, planes, police cars, helicopters, etc. sunk in there for you to dive on. They also have an underwater pumpkin carving party in October. You want to carve a nice simple face though cause that water is COLD!!!!!!
We have the same thing here at the lake every year, nothing better then doing an underwater pumpkin carving in Oct.
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