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I know I am not supposed to post pictures until everyone gets their presents, but hey, this ain't THAT forum, and I ain't posted anything new in a long time, even though I have been working overtime and full speed ahead for two months already, I got little to show for it. I have 6 or 7 projects in various states of completion, but few finished. So I decided to sit down and have a painting night so I could scratch a couple items off the list.

The Chunk Brothers, Bloody Awful!

This is a pair of chattering gemmy skulls, that have the wire between them and they say dumb stuff. I bought then on clearance back when I didn't know the diff between a gemmy and a boris, I thought I could hack them, but oh well. So anyways, they have been sitting in my closet for two+ years doing nothing, and kinda looking cheap. So I used some apoxie sculpt, monsterguts.com eyeball blanks, and some great stuff to scary them up. My victim says he/she "likes gore, the more the better" So these are dripping ripping rotten from the bottomof the headman's basket.

I used liquitex acrylics to paint these. Just four colors, Raw Umber (skull brown, Mars Black (a cooler black), dioxine purple, and acra scarlet orange for the fresh blood. You wont find a better color for fresh blood anywhere that can match the color and the intensity. Yeah I know it says orange but this is cut your hand open bloody blood red. These colors are more expensive, but a little goes a long way, and covers way better than the apple barrel or similar paints in the "craft section".

I was gonna cut the cords and just use them as hang-able skulls static props, but I figured I'd let the haunter who is getting them decide whether to cut the cord, or see if they like the banter.

Thanks for looking!

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Beautiful job, DC! Do you have a "before" picture so we can can be even more impressed by the transformation:)?
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