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The Chupacabra Thread

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I don't know what it is, but I've heard of it. What the heck is it?
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I drunkenly posit that if someone could offer irrefutable evidence of Nessie, then not long thereafter, interest and funding would lead to the proof (or disproof) of chupacabra and a lot of other cryptids. And at first, that would so, SO rule. It'd be the event of our lives. Can you imagine much anything that'd be bigger? But after that...when there are no more mysteries...y'know, it would kinda suck. Yeah. It'd really suck.

Viva chupacabra, hombres.
Chupacabra - the pet for people who don't want to be annoyed:

(I know - I put this in Random Shots as well, but it's just so damn funny it deserves to be seen twice:D)
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Love that picture....
Another poor maligned bald creature makes the news:googly:

We were going to go with 'possum, but there appear to be teats showing in one photo, so we're revising our guess to raccoon.
#1: This is NEWS? #2: Is this 1820? #3: It's a raccoon.
Cothren described the creature as having large ears, whiskers, a long tail, and about the size of a house cat.
my guess is a...house cat!!!
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Oh yeah, definitely a Chupacabra. I'd recognize one of those anywhere.
There was a video on CNN, that has wildlife officials identifying the critter as a raccoon. So the real Chupacabra is still out there on the loose. :)
My dog is a chupacabra...only he wears a Tony Curtis wig so he blends in....
Those creatures sure do get around.
They even show up in our backyard. :) :googly:

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I think a chupacabra is nothing more than a mangy skunk-ape.
Looks a bit like a hairless wallaby to me. Or a hairless possum.

And yes, she was VERY annoying:D
I love her! I watch her all the time. She's bubbly. The real question here is what were they smoking?
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