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It says 84 here but feels like 100 no wind breeze nothing ..even on the bike it's hot.
Mornings when I ride to work at 445am is about between 45 to 55 now so with wind factor about 25 to 35 that be chilly.
Fall is what 19 days or so away..woohoo
Heres what we in the midwest have in store for the next 2 months
September 20071st-3rd Showery conditions, then clearing skies during Labor Day holiday 4th-7th Generally clear, pleasant 8th-11th Thunderstorms, then improving weather 12th-15th Mainly fair skies 16th-19th Rain, especially over Great Lakes, then clearing, cooler 20th-23rd Severe thunderstorms race rapidly toward Great Lakes 24th-27th Thunderstorms rapidly rumble through Ohio River Valley, then clearing and colder 28th-30th Squally weather moves in from west

October 20071st-3rd A spell of fine, dry weather 4th-7th Very unsettled, wet conditions developing 8th-11th Squally over Indiana, Ohio 12th-15th Unsettled again, especially southern Ohio, northern Kentucky area, then clearing skies. 16th-19th Squalls Great Lakes 20th-23rd . Severe thunderstorms again roll through Indiana, Ohio area, then clearing, unseasonably cold conditions, with a widespread frost 24th-27th Fair initially, then turning unsettled 28th-31st Fair skies for Allhallows Eve
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