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So I haven't done this for a few years, what with the virus concerns, my Kids off to college, etc.
But this was the year for our return. I was pleasantly surprised at how much stuff I still had waiting in my attic.
After a few repairs we were ready to go for Kee Manor 2022.
Here are some pics

Plant Wood Trunk Art Grass
Wood World Sculpture Statue Art
Grey Tree Wood Toy Sculpture

These are my Totem Poles. Unbelievable that they are still in tact after about 15 years of use.

Plant Property Building Window Flowerpot
Plant Building Window Tree Sky

Yes, I did remove the "Lead With Love" sign from my Church before Halloween.

Plant Window Pumpkin Lighting Orange

Singing Pumpkins on the top deck with the Frank N. Stein's on the bottom

Art Magenta Event Electric blue Entertainment

I don't think I got a pic of my fence gate, but this is one of two heads marking the entrance.

Plant Light Lighting Cucurbita Pumpkin

Skelly Hot-Tub!

Dog Plant Vertebrate Sky Tree

Even the Dogs got dressed up! Uhmm....Doughnuts.

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This isn't really from my Haunt but I wanted to share this picture that my daughter sent me.
She just graduated from nursing school last year and is renting a house in Atlanta, living alone for the first time.
Although working the night shift at a children's hospital on Halloween she did take time to carve this pumpkin.
I thought it was great.
She told me she really misses doing Halloween so we'll have to do something together next year!

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