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Yes, but she holds her own.
For the most part, she gets along with the cats, by ignoring the fact that they are there.
But of course Puff has taken a shining to Mocha.
So I will sometimes tell Mocha to sit and stay, while Puss nozzles her.
She does not like it, but tolerates it, because she knows she has to.

We had a couple other cats.
Typically we never have fewer than three, and no more that four cats.
They make my wife happy.

Anyway, the one was a fluffy gray male named Zanta Klause.
Klausers for short.
He was given that name due to the fact we got him from my sister on Christmas day.
He was an amazingly dexterous kitten, and a real lover.

The other was an old girl named Fuggie, obviously due to her color.
The vet was sure that she was a Tiffany.
However my wife new both of her parents, and she was a certifiable mut.
Fuggie was the queen of the group, and she ruled with an iron paw.
However, every once in a while, Onnyx would challenger her authority.
Being much younger and stronger, he would probably have dethroned her, except for two things.

First, she would never back down or surrender.

Second, whenever Mocha heard the conflict, she would run to Fuggie's rescue.
Onnyx would immediately back off and abandon the fight.
When everything was over, Mocha would look at Fuggie as if to say "did I do good".
But Fuggie would just give her a look as if to say, "you were only doing your job"
Mocha would then come to me for her reward, and I would then give her a treat.

We lost Fuggie a several years ago, and Klause a couple year after.
They are both sorely missed.

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What kind of dog is Mocha? So adorable!! I'm checking out shelters now to adopt a dog. I really liked a couple of **** hounds I saw but other people adopted them first. Which is good and bad, I wanted them both because I thought they'd be happier with another **** dog but it turned out they were really a pair. The shelter adopted them out separately anyway because I guess I expressed interest to late and no one else wanted them both. I'm so bummed and a little angry but it's done. They have homes.

I tend to like larger dogs but I don't really have a preference. Whatever dog likes me is the dog that's coming home. Also they have to like cats....specifically Lucy.

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Mocha is an Australian Shepherd/Blue Heeler mix.
She very smart, very energetic, and a natural herding dog.
She almost makes me wish I had livestock. 8^)
When the grandkids are over, she wears herself out, trying to keep them all together.
It funny and quite cute to watch.

I have been trying to get a good face shot of her, so you could see that she has two different colored eyes.
One is brown, while the other in blue, which comes from her Australian Shepherd side.
Though I like to tell people its because she is a sweet and cuddly/devil dog.

I agree about Onnyx.
I tell him he is my bestest buddy, because he likes to stay by me.
Sometimes he sits beside me, sometimes in my lap, and often he will sleep on my chest at night.

I have often fallen asleep while watching TV, and will have Mocha in my lap and Onnyx on my chest.

Life can be good.
1961 - 1980 of 1989 Posts