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I think it is anyway. Ill probably add to it.

1. Spider scene ala ScareFX (thanks for a great idea ScareFX). Spinning spider victim on a mirror motor, 2 spiders on a wiper motor crank.
2. FCG is now on the porch, this way I dont blind my family and myself with all the UV lighting, and besides when the wind blows ever so slightly it looks really cool. Beef netting has a lot of uses one being making a curtain of sorts, the crank mechanism is above the FCG and even I cant see it.
3. The Bucky torso lights ala Terror Syndicate look really nice on those pillars, I know there are 4 pillars and only 2 lights, but there is always next year.
4. Batyboy has a place to call home now

To do:
1. Might add Boarded up windows
2. Giant spider on roof above spider scene

1st 2 rows of pics or so
http://www.grimvisions.com/new stuff.htm

She looks so normal
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Looks like you have a great house for haunting. And as always your props are the best. Our house it a 60"s style, which is scary itself, but not in a haunted sense. Love your spider victim, should give some tots nightmares.
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