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THE Short Life of Pumpkins

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Too funny! But it makes me kind of sad to think about it from the pumpkins point of view. But then, I guess it's better than ending up as a pie. ;)
I think it is the ultimate honor for a pumpkin to become a Jack-O-Lantern. I always feel like everyone that I carve, I have saved it.
When I carve mine I bake the seeds and eat them. And when the jack o lantern is done I use the meat to make desserts. I think it is a proper burial.
That's pretty funny:)
That is too, funny! LOL Totally love the face when the top comes off. Thanks for the good laugh!
Strange. I still have a pumpkin grown in my front yard from 2 years ago. I sits on my front step through all weather and temperatures.
I love it!!!!! If only pumpkins knew how much they are apart of the Halloween community. Hell, we even make them fly (Punkin' Chunkin"). I too roast the seeds after cleaning out the pumpkin. This year I held on to a bunch of the seeds to I can carve the next generation.
I actually quit carving pumpkins altogether. They were always too time consuming to carve and never lasted very long. So now I make them out of paper. But I still buy a "live" pumpkin to display and after halloween I open it up and roast the seeda and make dinner from the meat. (yum)
Adorable! Although now I wonder if I should feel like a serial killer... :eekin:
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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