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I am wanting to create a story that involves a corn field and the Bad Seed creature reacher I bought last year. I will take my story and create my haunted trail for this year. Any ideas on scarecrows, corn fields, etc. and a one page scary story? Thanks, I can't seem to come up with anything!

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this isn't prob what you need but just an idea story..

On a full moon night you can hear the noise, you can see them flying.
Swooping up and down, here and there , finally to their destination.
The cornfield of horrors

From the hill you can see them perching on the tattered and torn scarecrows, Big black ravens.
The biggest birds ever seen .

As the scouts scan the area for any kind of intruder's, their eyes seem to glow eerily,
scouring the field for one thing.
There it is the their master, creature of all creatures..whom they have been waiting for.
The wind picks up and thunder rolls there there...Rising out of the dirt and leaves...
from out of the dust you can barely make out an object until he starts to
slowly lumber down the trail.
Holy Cow whatever it is it's huge.
What is that he is dragging behind him?
Whatever it is even the corn
seems to sway away as he passes by.
The birds start to chatter madly, fluttering in a frenzy in hopes
their master has brought them the tender chunks amid limbs of human flesh ,
rotting flesh from the grave that they crave so much.
We must hide, do not let them see you.
Do not go near them unless you want to become their meal,
warm flesh, bloody flesh...

Oh no too late they've seen us.. run, run...
(screaming) get away
help help then no...no...no

hope this helps
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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