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thrashing bed test

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hi all - im sorry i havent been active in a while - i missed getting my 20$ prop in the challenge and was quite dissapointed in myself because i really liked my design - i voted and checked all the entries - great job everyone!

anyway - here is what has been eating away at my time - im a college sophmore and i got an undergrad grant to do this project - so basically i got to use the schools money - get to keep the prop - and get college creds for it - so although i wished i woulda got to do the challenge - this was a priority - i presented it the other day - it had a sheet over it so none of the body one here was seen - i will take another video at some point with all the trimmings....

six cylinders - six valves - one Brminibrick8 from gilderfluke -

i also should note that P8balls and Brckee1 from methodzofmadness.org were a huge help both on and off the forum - hats off to you guys -

i will try to answer any questions if you guys have some - this was my first commercial parts prop - ive been using hacks for a while now - so this was definitely a new experience - hope you like it -

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I have been following your progress somewhat. Looks NICE !!!
Okay...curiosity question...How much moola it cost for the project?
cost??? haha - wellllll lets just say it couldn't have been in the 20 $ prop challenge - haha - - but in all seriosuness...it probably cost about 900 - thants including the minibrick and an sd 10 audio playback thats not installed yet - i will say though - that i could have cut some corners here and there - getting this project down into the 600-700 range - but the school grant was for 900 so i figured id use it - i know i know - thats still pretty pricy - but for a six movement prop with a minibrick and top quality audio recorder, you wont find a prop anywhere close to that price for sale - it was definitely a learning experience - and it got me hooked on these multi movement props - so versatile - riley
That is a great pneumatic. I wish I had incorporated all those pneumatics into my Frankenstein. Great job!
Good looking prop.

Now figure out a twenty dollar hack. Okay?
Are each of the movements able to be isolated? Is that the furthest he is able to sit up?

Awesome job, man! You are doing what I want to do at some point in my hobby! :D
thanks all! - yes - each movement can be isolated - and programmed in any way that you choose - actually the program that i was using for the presentation was a bit different - i liked it better - more natuarl - right now, yes - that is the furthest he can sit up - the thing was - my professor didn't want it to look like the typical halloween prop where he springs up - but i can adjust the cylinder - reweld it- and it should sit up some more - but i kinda think i like it just as is - that way i can put some chains all over him and it will look like they are keeping him down - there are 2 channels left on the minibrick - im gonna use them for lights - will be pretty realistic in a dark room with flickering lights - possibly an overhead hallogen tube - well see - riley
Would you please describe your minibrick some more?

theres the actual piece i used - it can be programmed over the computer - or with little buttons on the front - i preffered them - because although the computer program is cool - the cylinders dont do EXACTLY what you tell them to - cause the time it takes the air pressure to travel ect - if you really want to do something detailed - this thing is pretty sweet - Brckee1 was the one who directed me it to - ask away if you got other questions - riley
Thanks Riley. LOL SOmeday I'll understand much of that stuff. I'll have to start a lot simpler first though.
thats what i though to myself though too - as long as your willing to give it a shot - im sure you could do it - now i have been doing hacked pneumatics for a while - but thats it - just real simple door closers - gravity reset - and i turned this one out in about 2 months - if you have the time and resources - i think it would be a good learning experience - even 3 cylinders would rock - riley
Well, door closers is a start... how much of a reserve tank did you have to have for this prop? How long can it go without a refill from the compressor?
that ROCKED!!!
super impressive!
great job!!!
WoW!!!!!that thing in freaking wicked I wish I had the budget and know how too build somthing like that it is truly wicked....great job I should go back on M.O.M to see your work I stoped going on because there wasn't that many people on but now after seeing your job I think I will rejoin the fourm to see what else I've been missing...
thanks guys! it def was a challenging but very rewarding project - you should def frequent MOM - its a little slow now - but im sure it will pick up - thanks again - riley
Man... somehow I missed this post with the video. Great work 1031! We need to talk, just so happen's I 've been building this same type of prop on and off for a year on a hospital bed. Involves a blood squirter and similar thrashing! You gave me some excellent ideas from you design and I wanted to give you your due 'props'! Mine won't be done for this halloween but I will definatly keep you posted! We'll talk! Again... great job!
hey man - glad you liked it - if you have any questions/concerns just let me know - i will be more than willing to try and help or show you some pics of what my framing looked like ect ect - how many cylinders are you thinking? the blood squirt would be a great effect - i used an sd-10 audio repeater with stereo capabilities on this and mixed a pretty bad ass custom track using audacity and it really made it come alive - as well as helped cover up a lot of the exhaust from the solenoids - it was a pretty penny though - prolly around 1000 when all was said and done - luckily i got a grant from my school to do the project - and i get to keep it - so it all worked out nicel for me

SI - sorry i didn't respond to your last post on this thread - as far as cycle time for the compressor - well i had this programmed for a 2 minute "show" for my grant presentation - which is wayyy longer than i willl have it in my haunt - but at about 2 minutes, it cycled the 33 gallon compressor about every 4 times i ran it - with an added reservoir tank close by it would reduce it obviously - but for my haunt it will prolly only run like 10 seconds or something - its best run at about 95-100 psi - the 2 inch bore cylinder that lifts and slams his waiste is really a work horse - this body weighs almost the same as a real body and these cylinders thrash him around like hes a rag doll

feel free to ask any other questions - im working on the room for this guy to be in right now - so hopefully i wont get sidetracked with another room and can get a new vid up - or at least a teaser vid so you guys can see it finished

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