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Tournament de Tombstone Discussion

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This is the thread for the discussion of our second challenge for the year 2006... the Tournament de Tombstone. The focus of this contest is building a tombstone.

I'm looking for some input as to what rules and guidelines we should have for this one. I'm thinking a price limitation, maybe a size limitation and possibly one other limitation to make this a bit of a challenge.

Jeff has also offered to donate another prize for this one. Do we want to do this one for a prize, or just limit that to the $20 Challenge (which will be repeated again next year)?

Feel free to post all your thoughts and ideas and then I'll formulate the rules thread on April 15th. This thread will remain open through the duration of the contest much like the thread for the $20 Prop Challenge thread did.
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kryptonoff said:
Epitaphs or not could be a rule.
Could be. I'd be inclined to go with no epitaphs... see who can impress everyone the most with an epitaph-free tombstone. Any thoughts?
kryptonoff said:
Sounds good. About the price though paint can get a little bit expensive.
Remember, paint will be pro-rated just like in the last challenge. So you only add the amount of paint you actually use to your total.
Ok, we'll make it a straight-up standard tombstone contest... no obelisks, crypts, monuments, etc... just standard tombstones.

How about a size restriction? Like say, no taller than 36"?
Whatever you like. I think width will be a "self-controlling" sort of thing as a tombstone that's too wide may look a little bit ridiculous.
Sure, as long as it'll be shorter than 36". For photos of the tombstones, I'll want at least one photo with a ruler or tape measure to show the height. That photo must show the ENTIRE TOMBSTONE and the ruler/tape measure in the same shot.
No animation. This is going to be a straight tombstone competition. I kind of want to see what kind of great designs some of you can come up with without the use of gimmicks or epitaphs.

Though, now that I'm thinking of it... maybe epitaphs should be included if you guys want to.
All one really has to do is do a google image search for tombstones and look at some of the real ones that are out there to find a nice design to work from. It doesn't have to be an original design.
I only chose 36" as a size because it's a fairly typical size I've seen in real tombstones... but yeah, I can up that to 42".

So here's what we're doing so far...

  • Height limited to 42"
  • Price limit yet to be determined
  • Tombstones only... no obelisks, monuments, crypts, etc.

Make it out of whatever materials you can... wood, foam, concrete... whatever.

I will have a price cap on it though to keep the playing field level... a person with lots of money to blow could certainly come up with a better stone than a person with little money.

My feeling on the epitaphs is I want people to vote solely based on the appearance/design of the stone and not who came up with the most clever epitaph. However, I can see where the epitaph could be part of the design (like maybe a clever way of positioning/carving the epitaph), so I'll leave that up to the stone's creator whether or not to use one.

Now, does a price cap in the $25 - $30 dollar range sound reasonable?
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I'm trying to do this so I can challenge you into making some tombstones that are a little less typical in shape and design that what we normally see, but if there really is an outcry (so far, I only see two people) to have animation, I guess I could make it ok.

Feel free to make a stone with animation too... just not for this contest. Don't let the fact I'd rather not have them in this contest stop you from making it on your own.

Ugh. Now I'm wondering why I'm bothering. Will people even enter this one? :(
Ok, the prize for top spot this time around is a 700W Fogger, courtesy of Frighteners Entertainment!
Great news... as a runner-up prize, grapegrl is donating a bunch of her grapevines and some Spanish moss! I'll add it to the prize list later on when I have the time.
HibLaGrande said:
would a large skeletal hand breaking the ground holding a tombstone be allowed if it all looks like stone? or is that considered a monument?
That'll be fair game.
darryl said:
Looking at pictures online. What is a monument considered? Does the stone have to be flat or can we make it say 1 foot x 1 foot square? Can it be 6 inches thick and 2 foot wide? Or just flat. Just don't want to get to work and then be disqualifed. Sorry for the confusion but I have some decent ideas and want to make sure I'm within the guidelines.
1 Foot by 1 foot square would be more along the lines of a monument. We're going for flat tombstones here.

I'll get some pics up of what NOT to build later in the morning.
VtheVamp said:
can you post pictures/examples of those that are NOT allowed?
Please & thank you. :googly:
Ok, I updated the rules thread to show examples of what to make and what not to make.

The photos of what to make are only examples of what is ok... you don't necessarily need to make yours the exact shape or size of what's in the photo. The photo is just showing you that we're looking for you to make a basic, flat-style tombstone.
DeathTouch said:
I was expecting the rules to show an example of what not to put there. Like the krough/rosie tombstone. Which looks like a winner if you ask me.
Uhh... scroll further down, I did show what NOT to make up there. :p
DeathTouch said:
I was wondering, can we put artwork on this? Meaning a 1/2 3D object. Like hands, face, etc. Something like the praying hands that you see all the time, but 3d.

For example

Sure you can! That's essentially the kinds of things I'm hoping people come up with for this contest.
Otaku said:
I like using wooden grave markers in my cemetery. Would a half-rotted, moss-covered, worm-eaten wooden marker be an acceptable entry?
Otaku said:
Cool! I'm definitely in. And I do need another fogger! If external lights are used, such as LED spots or small floods, should they be included in the cost? I'm not trying to muddy the waters, but sometimes lighting can make or break a prop.
Whatever lighting you use when photographing the prop will not go into the cost. I just included that "hint" to see if we can get some photos of the props under show lighting so the pictures look a little less "sterile."

Just remember... don't BUILD any stones with lighting inside them. :D
Like I said in the rules, feel free to look around for inspiration. The design doesn't need to be yours.
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