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Tournament de Tombstone Discussion

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This is the thread for the discussion of our second challenge for the year 2006... the Tournament de Tombstone. The focus of this contest is building a tombstone.

I'm looking for some input as to what rules and guidelines we should have for this one. I'm thinking a price limitation, maybe a size limitation and possibly one other limitation to make this a bit of a challenge.

Jeff has also offered to donate another prize for this one. Do we want to do this one for a prize, or just limit that to the $20 Challenge (which will be repeated again next year)?

Feel free to post all your thoughts and ideas and then I'll formulate the rules thread on April 15th. This thread will remain open through the duration of the contest much like the thread for the $20 Prop Challenge thread did.
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You might want to clarify if it can be a monument or tombstone or headstone etc. There are a few differences. Maybe you could add a few points if your tombstone makes reference to Unpleasant Street. LOL.

You know me I have already been working on mine. It might not win but at least I have a tombstone built.
Yea, and you can't use yourr winning prop as a tombstone. Don't dress stumpy as a tombstone and enter that. That is just no fair. LOL.
I was planning on using this design. Is this ok for size?

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Can I get you to raise to limit to 42 inches?
Well those goes my idea for an interactive pinwheel tomstone with the light on the back. Ok, about 48 inch max? You want to say yes Zombie. Just say yes. Please...

You can't promote a contest with only a 36 inch length. It is un-american.
I agree with blackwidow except for the height thing. I think there should be a limit but 36 inches? Most people can't see that from the road. That is why 42 inches is best. That is what I suggest anyway.
That is cool that grapegrl is giving out vines for a prize. Since the last batch she gave me was ranstack by my chocolate lab puppy, it might come in handy. Just to give the dog something to do while the next contest comes around. Maybe the next contest, everyone makes a prop and sends it into Zombie. Then zombie gets to drop them off a cliff, while he is filming it. We could call it the best splater prop contest. LOL.
krough said:
OK, here I go. Im having trouble because I cant use Stumpy as part of my tombstone and since pumpkinrot doesnt make tombstones, I thought hey Dr M and DT make good props. and this is Unpleasant street after all.
What do you guys and gals think, this is tombstone concept #1?
Feedback please
My wife thought that was cute. I can cut his head off and send it to you if you want. Only 5 bucks. He didn't do good as a prop but certainly he looks better on your tombstone.
I was expecting the rules to show an example of what not to put there. Like the krough/rosie tombstone. Which looks like a winner if you ask me.
Blackwidow said:
Check again DT, Zombie put examples of what NOT to enter.
LOL. I was scared there for a second Blackwidow. I thought he used that same picture as an example. It would be funny though.
I was wondering, can we put artwork on this? Meaning a 1/2 3D object. Like hands, face, etc. Something like the praying hands that you see all the time, but 3d.

For example

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Yahhhh, Black Cat has the bug! Now I have to do my Mrs. Janet Jackson song. Everyone sing with me,

"Black cat nine lives

Short days long nights

Livin' on the edge

Not afraid to die

Heart beat real strong

But not for long

Better watch your step

Or you're gonna die

This song works better if I had the solid Gold Upleasant Street dancers to back me up.
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I started in the design. Here is a pic and what it will say.

Heavily sob the mourners of death.

Trivial rituals for those that are left.

River of tears yet wasted on me,

it quenches thy thirst from ye own family tree.

Cast out ye thoughts and I shalt whittle them to stone,

for the people drenched in darkness and left all alone.
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You said that last time. We all got beat by a stump. LOL.
Well, Dr. M. since I know where he lives, a round about way, we could go over there and stop him before he submits his entry.
Since krough likes to dress up like Charlie Chan, I was thinking we would take him to a not so nice neighborhood in LA, and tell folks that he is really a white guy who is making fun of all the Chinese. Then we won't have to worry about stumpy any more. LOL.
Hey, I got my first photo today. Guess how tall the stick in the middle is? The damn thing looks like a ship instead of a tombstone.

"On the good ship deathtouch, its sweat trip to the candy shop."{singing}

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Dr Morbius said:
Crap! My home depot doesn't carry the pink or blue type foam..only beaded...

I wonder if it's not up to california code..Hmmm I hope beaded foam will work. If not, I may have to bow out of the contest.:(
Oh no your don't. You can make your tombstone out of anything. Even Paper mache or chicken wire and mudd compound. Dont you quit on me now.
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