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Tournament de Tombstone Discussion

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This is the thread for the discussion of our second challenge for the year 2006... the Tournament de Tombstone. The focus of this contest is building a tombstone.

I'm looking for some input as to what rules and guidelines we should have for this one. I'm thinking a price limitation, maybe a size limitation and possibly one other limitation to make this a bit of a challenge.

Jeff has also offered to donate another prize for this one. Do we want to do this one for a prize, or just limit that to the $20 Challenge (which will be repeated again next year)?

Feel free to post all your thoughts and ideas and then I'll formulate the rules thread on April 15th. This thread will remain open through the duration of the contest much like the thread for the $20 Prop Challenge thread did.
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so it begins! trying my hand at my first plaster cast. I have the stuff and I'm a goin to town. he he I don't plan on giving too many hints too soon.some of you guys know what I'm up to....Dr. morbius please remain silent :D
would a large skeletal hand breaking the ground holding a tombstone be allowed if it all looks like stone? or is that considered a monument?
this is what Im working on.... the skull illusion. watch as the skull moves to follow the viewer. ooooo creepy, takes a while to load.

Ive done some sanding and painting since that vid was taken. the illusion works a little better with some gloss to it. and I still need to drybrush some black onto it to give it more depth.
I seen a show where a guy would take a piece of wood to the local grainery and put it in the chute where corn and or rice came out of the silo into the truck. it gave the wood a vey old and worn look.
Dr Morbius said:
And Palm Bay may hike up impact fees! what is this world coming to? Damn, I need the impact fees to stay where they are now, or I can no longer make an impact! By the way, HJ how much does it cost to live on the Space Coast? I can see they have a picture of Krough working on his new workshop..Good thing he's wearing a hardhat, with all the S*** we sling at him!
wow those are coming along nicely. i'll have a picture of mine up soon.
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