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Tournament de Tombstone Discussion

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This is the thread for the discussion of our second challenge for the year 2006... the Tournament de Tombstone. The focus of this contest is building a tombstone.

I'm looking for some input as to what rules and guidelines we should have for this one. I'm thinking a price limitation, maybe a size limitation and possibly one other limitation to make this a bit of a challenge.

Jeff has also offered to donate another prize for this one. Do we want to do this one for a prize, or just limit that to the $20 Challenge (which will be repeated again next year)?

Feel free to post all your thoughts and ideas and then I'll formulate the rules thread on April 15th. This thread will remain open through the duration of the contest much like the thread for the $20 Prop Challenge thread did.
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I don't think catagories would be a good direction to go.
No epitaphs is good.
I'm looking foward to making one. I haven't made one in 4 yrs.
I still have 4 (4x8) sheets of 4" styro still in storage from 4 yrs. ago.
I could almost build a crypt out of them.
I think we need a rule for this "Hot Wire Foam Factory tools".
To keep this fair, we should only be able to use a torch! LOL
kryptonoff said:
is it going to be ok if i make out of concrete?
well I gotta say, you've now entered the "you scare me club" along with DT! :eek:
Hey whatever, you're still in the club!
a quote from Revenge of the Nerds?
I would think that it depends on whether you'll be submitting a project?
If you are ,then it should be disallowed!!! LOL
Dr Morbius said:
Holy Crap! That's one helluva prize! Any second place? hehe..:D I already said I was in, I was just wondering if there were enough people who wanted animation, if that would change the rules, I would know which direction to take...I just heard from many that they wanted more options than static, that's all.
Gald you like it!
So, does this mean you're in?
This will be a good go around!
I'm looking forward to see what emerges!
Dam, another nice one.
Man, this is getting even better than the $20 challenge!!
Dr Morbius said:
Gracias! Muchos gracias! Si Tiendo una 230N..!
Hey Doc, you may need to check yourself in. It appears you have a condition?

I'm thinking to weather it you might use vinegar.
I'm sure it could be used for both lol!
But I pretty sure vinegar will turn it gray, if left on longer it may seperate the grains, not sure about that part.
Hey ZF, it appears that we need a new banner for this event.
I guess I should have explained better.
It had to do with your 1000th post. (Lunatic)
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