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Tournament de Tombstone Discussion

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This is the thread for the discussion of our second challenge for the year 2006... the Tournament de Tombstone. The focus of this contest is building a tombstone.

I'm looking for some input as to what rules and guidelines we should have for this one. I'm thinking a price limitation, maybe a size limitation and possibly one other limitation to make this a bit of a challenge.

Jeff has also offered to donate another prize for this one. Do we want to do this one for a prize, or just limit that to the $20 Challenge (which will be repeated again next year)?

Feel free to post all your thoughts and ideas and then I'll formulate the rules thread on April 15th. This thread will remain open through the duration of the contest much like the thread for the $20 Prop Challenge thread did.
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No new votes all day, and a 4 way tie. Wow! You better have a big hat Zombie.
Ain't this fun?
I can't wait for the next build!
I never thought I'd have to resort to the hat! The hat I'll be using is the same one I wear with my costume:

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Sweet pic Zombie-F!!! :D
Dr Morbius said:
Hey, Z! My wife says she likes your couch!
Actually, it's a futon. :p
You can put your fut on it, or your butt. It's your couch. :p
Nice hat, love the floors.

Hardwood through out?
Did you know that if you zoom in on Zombie's window, you can see a face? LOL. Scary stuff kids.
Your gonna need those running shoes to get away from the creeper in the window
Be careful running outta there, Z...you could knock that wine glass off the arm of that futon! I see your not using the coaster...C'mon! it's right behind the glass! Mrs Z won't be too happy!
Dr Morbius said:
Thank you for the link..I was just at HD the other day, and I can ASSURE you...no pink or blue foam. I will try other sources, and let you guys know what I find.

I did find Polyisocyanurate foam..is this the same thing? It is at the Seaside location, but I could make the trip if this is the right stuff.
I usually don't quote myself, but I was going through Zombies things (with a flashlight at night)..and came across this pic of his obilisk.

Now is THAT the blue foam I found at the Seaside location of Home Depot I was talking about in my quote? It sure looks like it!(by the DOW logo on the board leaning against the wall). I could have avoided BEADED! AAAAHHHH! LOL! Zombie, do you think it's the same stuff? I hope so, I could really use some extruded foam, and I don't want to drive 45 miles to find out it isn't the right stuff.
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What is the tan stuff on it? bondo? great stuff?
That would be a really cool beer cooler. Have the ice on the bottom in the base. Then have put that out in the front yard with all the other props. Then just tip the top off and there is the beer.
761 - 779 of 779 Posts
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