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TransWorld report

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Hi all,

I guess I'll post this to this forum in case any one thinks this is spam. I thought I could give you guys an update on TranWorld '06. We got here Wed. and set up our booth on the second floor with all of the other Haunted Attraction stuff. We are wall and illusions look great and I am presenting to about 30-25 people at a time. Other vendors have incredible stuff here are Unit 70 and Distortions. Both of these have been some of my all time favorites and they are not dissappointing here. I don't know if Unit 70's stuff in on their website yet but it is amazing. Giant Horse skeletons with dark riders. Anyway I could go on for days about the dark zone and me loosing my voice, but I don't know if it is interesting. Let me know if should continue.

Ken Dobson
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Man, I wish I was at TW. Maybe in a few years. Keep us updated. :D
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