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Saturday, May 20 is time for a treasure hunt! You don't even need to be a pirate, but feel free to wear a tricorn hat and eye patch anyway.

Look out in the garage, the shed, the storage unit, up in the attic, and down in the basement (ooooh, the basement!) for those unused but interesting items you've been meaning to "haunt" but just aren't certain how. Or, like an old crush, maybe they used to be interesting, but now you've moved on, and they just have no place in your life any more.

Call up some other haunters and descend upon Goodwill for the "Half-Price Day" (in central AZ, anyway) and look for some interesting objects to haunt. Why limit yourself? Salvation Army is good, or Deseret Industries, or Savers...

The point is, get something that looks hauntworthy and put it in the ̶d̶i̶n̶g̶h̶y̶ car.

What could your find be made into? What if we turned it upside down? What if it was painted yellow? What if we paired this thing with that thing and hung it from the ceiling?

If Saturday is for treasure hunting, then Sunday, May 21, it's time for treasure HAUNTING! (ab-dum-BUMP!) **sigh**


11 AM Sunday it's to bring those new or re-discovered treasures into the lab to see what diabolical ideas they stir in the collective mind.
Ooh! Nice doll! Let's make her skin-crawling creepy!
Candlesticks? Why, let me show you a pick of what I did to, I mean with, some candlesticks!
Oh! Nice...Um, what exactly is that?

Come on down to the Lab, let's see what we can do to haunt those unusual and haunt-worthy treasures for you.

Oh. And I'll bring pizza, OK?

HeatSync Labs
140 W Main St, Mesa, AZ 85201
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