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As to the plushies, we start buying them in January. We try to buy one or two dozen a month from Oriental Trading (they run about $14/dz). Well double up one month, then maybe skip a month. But it's a small budget bite that way and they really add up by Oct.

Candy...we start buying one large bag a week (about $5) in Aug.

We don't mind the older ToT'ers that don't costume because we make them work for their 5cent piece of candy as we tend to target them with our scares the most hehehe (ok, we're evil, I know...so what?).

I forgot to mention that I have a roll of skull and crossbone stickers that I plan on tagging kids with.

I'm wondering how the helium balloon thing is going to go. That's a lot of balloons (we're figuring on about 300) and I still have to figure out the logistics of storing them (a huge net perhaps?). We're going to fill them that afternoon. We don't start our haunt until dusk (about 6:45pm here) so that'll give us time to dress and make up. Final yard setup will have to be done early that day.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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