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Sunday morning (03.05.06), I upgraded to the latest release of the forum software, vBulletin 3.5.4. This update consisted mainly of security fixes, as most of the previous updates did as well.

A new feature has been added in this update as well. The forum software now has input in your usercp for your Skype information. Click the link for more info on what Skype is.

With this update, I also added a new profile field, which can be reached by clicking the "User CP" link, and then the "Edit Profile" link. The new profile field is for "Real Name," should you so desire to share your real name with the rest of us. I added just my first name. You can type your full name, or just leave it blank. Do whatever you like with that field. I just thought it might help to acquaint everyone a little better.

Finally, I moved all avatars to a new directory and transferred all user avatars out of the database and into a directory on the web server. So, if anyone is having problems with their avatars, or sees one that is missing, please refresh your browser. If refreshing does not help, then please e-mail or PM me here and let me know which avatar(s) are giving you trouble and I'll try to fix the problem.
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