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I'm a fan of the first two Urban Legends movies. Not the scariest movies, but I thought they were pretty creative and creepy, and kept me entertained throughout.

I recently saw the 3rd movie to the trilogy, Urban Legends Bloddy Marry. I have to say that its not as good as the first two. Both the first two had a few scenes that did make you jump, however I didn't really jump much this time. I did like the plot, however at the end it does get a bit confusing as to the killer's motive. Also at the end, is the worste showing of special effects that I have seen in a while. But other than that, it was a pretty good movie. There were some good scenes that I may use for props. And I it did do a good job of keeping you guessing at the end, as to who the killer was.

So overall, I'd give the movie a 7 out of 10. Please give your opinion on any of the Urban Legends movies. Anyone else seen the new one?

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