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using beef netting

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Hi everyone.
I'm getting ready to start putting my stuff out and I was just wondering how this beef netting works. Do you just stretch it tight when you put it out and then cut slits in it? Any other tips or gotchas?
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What I did was cut off a length, then bunch it up and make a cut in it so it wasnt a tube any more. Then I did basically what you describe. I stretched it out and attached it to the house and made slits in it. Fun stuff
Thanks for info krough,
i bought some in a group buy here and was wondering same as mrklaw.
if i dont like the look i may use it as mummy wrap. we shall see
It took me a day to get used to the look, but I like it and so do others. Got positive feed back, now back to work!!
At 1st I wasn't really liking how it looked, but after stretching a few smaller pieces across the larger one, it really started to take shape. I had to redo my FCG this year, the cheese cloth had become yellowed and dirty looking. So while the new cheese cloth was getting a dip I added in the beef netting to see how that looks glowing. The end result is pretty good, it doesn't look as etheral as the FCG, it has more depth and the layers show up nicely
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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