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VCR Motors

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Ok I have an old VCR that is on the fritz, I heard someone before say that they used one to run a prop. SO I took the cover off and now Im.....uhhuuhuhuhuh now what!
Anyone have any ideas what to use and how to do it? or a link?
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You just made me think, 'I just threw one of those out! (...and isn't that the way!)' But it's actually still just outside. But you know, I think it's the motor that died...so that's rather pointless isn't it? :)
my problem is how to keep the motor running, Im not great at the motor things. I knwo where it is but do I just run a new power supply to it?
so cut the vcr motor out, cut the plug off and rewire it directly to the motor?
That would be great and I could use a remote for the power to turn it on and off
Ill let you know how it goes!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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