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A video series has been started on Friday nights and I was asked to do a presentation on animating a holiday display. Most of the participants are from the Christmas lighting forums where they don't do many animatronics so I kept it pretty basic.
The recording of the presentation doesn't show the text chat or the drawing I was able to do on the screen. Also the audio from the videos is missing and doesn't always sync perfectly during the presentation but there is still some useful info worth sharing. The first half is the presentation followed by a text and video chat.
Hopefully someone can get some ideas and maybe be inspired to start animating a display.


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Thanks for posting this. I did make it to some of the live broadcast but logged in after it started and had to step away from the computer a few times during the presentation due to real life. I'll defiantly be watching this when I get time. I look forward to catching up on the parts I missed and reviewing the parts I did catch.

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