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Vlad, Trishaanne Christmas is over, it's time

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to plan our next get together:D ...Ronda & I are itching to get going with that Latex schooling from Black Cat & Trishann.

Troy :jol:
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Troy, I believe the only experience Trish has with latex is, well, never mind that now, but I know Black Cat is looking forward to the next phase of the project also. Check the announcements section.
Now Vlad, you know that hubby is allergic to latex :p . My corpses were done from latex and so were a set of hands I made...so there. I'll put the word out to Frank too, see if he can join us this time around.
I didnt see hubby mentioned in that post.....
The dates for this get together are now being discussed in a thread in the announcements section. If there is anyone in the NJ area who wishes to join in, please speak up. We 'd be glad to have you with us.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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