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Please select your favorite prop from among the three entries listed below.

  • bmaskmaker's 2012 $20 Prop Challenge Entry

    Votes: 17 39.5%
  • Just Whisper's 2012 $20 Prop Challenge Entry

    Votes: 12 27.9%
  • ladysherry's 2012 $20 Prop Challenge Entry

    Votes: 14 32.6%
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Vote for the best $20 Prop Challenge entries by selecting your favorite contest submissions from the poll options above. In this first post, there is a link to the contest entry thread that corresponds with each user's entry. Please note that you must have at least 10 posts on the forums to be able to vote.

There is only one rules in this poll:

  1. If you entered a prop, you may NOT vote for your own submission.
Entrants who vote for their own entry will have their votes thrown out and their entry disqualified as per the rules of the challenge.

The poll will be open to voting for seven days. On Wednesday May 16, 2012 at approximately 6:00 PM (EDT), the poll will automatically be closed and the winners will be determined.

In the event of a two-way tie in any of the top three places, the winner of the disputed place is determined by a coin toss. The loser of said coin toss will take the next place down the line. The "heads" side of the coin goes to the entrant whose username is alphabetically "first."

If any of the top three places winds up in a three-way (or more) tie, the names will be scientifically (lol) placed in a hat and the first name drawn takes the place in dispute. The second name drawn takes the next place down and the remaining name will get the next place down from that.

All votes will have ip addresses checked to ensure no new members are registered from existing members' locations with the purpose of spiking their votes.

Please view these eligible entries and make your choice(s) in the poll above:

  1. bmaskmaker's Entry
  2. Just Whisper's Entry
  3. ladysherry's Entry
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