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Vote ME for Pirate for a Day at Disney!

Hello friends and family!

Here's the long and short of it. If you want to cut to the chase just read the short... if you'd like more background then read the long:

The Short-

I'm a national finalist in a contest to win a trip to Disneyland in California and be a honorary Pirate of the Caribbean for a day.
I'd be thrilled if you would vote for my video entry. Voting is open from March 6th until March 30th.

Just go to the following site and click on the 'This One Gets My Vote' link:

If you have any trouble with the link just look for the video marked 'GreenCapt'.

And please forward this to anyone you know who might take a few seconds to do the same. Thanks in advance!

The Long-

This contest is sponsored by Disney and Careerbuilder.Com and is part of Disney's 2007 promotion 'Year of a Million Dreams'. The contest works thusly- within the past couple of months contestants had to submit a 45 second or less video explaining why they should be considered for one of five Disney 'dream jobs'. The honorary jobs included Haunted Mansion butler or maid, Jungle Cruise skipper, Pirate, Parade Performer and Princess-In-Waiting. The videos had to follow certain guidelines of course and were judged by Disney and CareerBuilder. Twenty finalists were selected for each category and of the twenty the TOP FIVE vote-getters will win trips for four people for four days to Disneyland. The winners also spend a day 'working' at Disney as the part they auditioned for.

So this means I have a 1 in 4 chance of winning the trip. Pretty sweet odds as I see it!

I submitted two videos in the initial round of competition- one for the Haunted Mansion job and one for Pirate. The Haunted Mansion one didn't place but a combination of ferrets and braces put the Pirate video into the finalist round! I probably should have entered the Princess-in-Waiting category too but I just couldn't find enough pixie dust. ;) Just kidding.

I hope you enjoy my short video and really do hope you'll give me a vote. Many of the finalists in the other categories are a lot of fun too, so after you vote for me you might want to check some of those out as well.

If you have any questions please feel free to message me! I'll probably post a reminder close to the end of the voting period.

Thanks again! Arrrrr........!!!!

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Arrr....... cough cough,,, ok... Love it!!!! I had to watch 3 - 4 more times.
Ye got my vote GreenCapt.!!!!!
BTW---How are ye? Haven't seen ye since the 2006 Tombstone Contest. :> Hope all is great for ye!

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Aye matey, me votes ye get.
actually pretty good pirate voice there
the parrot oops ferret was funny
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